Get Involved

Get Involved


There are so many ways to get involved in the Pender Islands Fall Fair! Here's a few.

1. Volunteer. Meet new people, see old friends and literally build the Pender Island community. We cannot express how important our volunteers are!

2. Donate. It could be $5, it could be $500. Every single cent goes toward making this community event happen and improving our offerings year to year. Contact us to inquire about ways to donate.

3. Be a convener! From the flower section to the beer and wine section, conveners help with judging, ready the table for each Fall Fair category, and chat with participants and onlookers on fair day. Sign up through our volunteer form, being sure to click the option “Convening.”

4. Be a food, farm or artisan vendor at the Fall Fair market. Get in touch for more info.

5. Submit an entry to one of the many fair categories, from quilting to painting. Consult the catalogue here, and when you're ready, submit your entries online.

6. Join the Fall Fair parade! Whether costume, music, dance or an elaborate float, we'd love for you to join in the fun and creativity of our annual parade.



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